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At X Neon Led, our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to showcase their creative passions and illuminate their living spaces with personalized, handmade neon artworks.

I’m NancyP, and alongside my best friend Phoenix N, we founded Xneonled in 2010 as a spirited venture originating from our garage. Disappointed by the lack of affordable and distinctive neon art signs available online, we discovered that existing options either came with exorbitant prices, and unfavourable reviews or were limited to the generic “Open” neon sign found in every corner store. This didn’t align with our vision, so we took matters into our own hands and decided to craft them ourselves.

What started with creating a few neon signs for our own enjoyment swiftly evolved into something much larger. Recognizing the need for a larger team to assist in manufacturing and a dedicated website to handle the influx of orders, Kevin joined us, and the real work began. Renting a space, assembling a team, building a website, and organizing everything from sourcing the best materials to managing shipping and logistics—it was no easy feat. Yet, after months of dedication and numerous sleepless nights, here we stand.

We assist our amazing customers in crafting their unique neon artworks. Beyond that, we produce our own exclusive neon artworks, urging caution against imitations. Through our bold LED neon x acrylic creations, we delve into mass culture, celebrity, and the commodification of art.

Our distinctive LED neon-acrylic artworks provoke contemplation, blurring the lines between high and low culture. By integrating LED neon with acrylic prints, we challenge conventional mass production, redefine familiar images, and question the concept of originality. Our signs embody a blend of craftsmanship and technology, challenging the conventional perception of mass-produced items.

Welcome to X Neon Led, the home of handmade, one-of-a-kind neon artwork. Feel free to explore our website, reach out with any questions, and let us assist you in bringing your neon masterpiece to life. Sincerely,

NancyP, Phoenix N, Kevin & the X Neon Led Team

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